International Wine And Spirits Academy


The International Wine and Spirits Academy (IWSA), founded by Mey/Diageo Türkiye, aims to be a leading institution for alcoholic beverages sector employees on their road to personal development and professional success. A comprehensive training and application centre offering knowledge in every area of fermented and distilled beverages, it works to fill in an important gap in the Turkish gastronomy industry sector.

Launched in order to answer the need for qualified employees in Turkey’s gastronomy industry, IWSA aims to host international events, work in collaboration with Diageo to provide students the opportunity for international internships, and be a career platform contributing to the development of those who want to build a career and gain expertise in the food and beverage sector.

With IWSA’s program, employees in the sector can take advantage of the Fermented and Distilled Drinks Service Employees’ Training Course Program. The Turkish programme provider of the London-based Wine & Spirits, Education Trust (WSET), Mey/Diageo Türkiye, continues offering international programs with IWSA. In the program, in addition to National Ministry of Education courses, the internationally-recognized WSET offers the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level Wine and Spirits exams, 1st and 2nd level exams, and the Worldclass and Diageo Bar Academy professional seminars, all taught by experts in their fields.

Operating in Istanbul’s most accessible centre, Şişli - Key Plaza, the IWSA covers approximately 1000 m2, and is home to two 30-person classrooms, one bar practices classroom, a library, bar areas for practical training, meeting rooms, a kitchen classroom and a restaurant practices area.

 More Information: www.iwsa.com.tr