Our Values

"Celebrating life, every day, everywhere!"

While handling our business in the best way possible, we act within the framework of our values. We are part of a large, global group that is active in 180 countries. In line with our goals, we continue to work in the awareness of our responsibilities to our teammates, our business partners and our country.

We are passionate about our customers and consumers


The most important elements that guide us and ensure our development are our curiosity, and the ideas of our customers and consumers. We are attentive to our brands wherever they might be. We believe that the relations we have established with our customers is of the greatest importance for our growth. In this context, when we make our business plans, we always consider the changes that have occurred in the market.

We give ourselves and each other the freedom to succeed


We trust each other, we are open with each other; we do not shirk from challenges but instead rapidly create opportunity out of those challenges. We believe in developing the competencies of our team members and have faith that our company will develop even further.

We are proud of what we do


We have adopted the highest standards and act with an awareness of our social responsibility; we enjoy and benefit from differences. Fulfilling our responsibility toward our business and our consumers in doing our part with regard to abiding by the laws and meeting the changing expectations of the public makes us stronger.

We strive to be the best


We never slow down, we are always learning and improving ourselves. Our goal is to always move forward to be even better, setting our standards high at this point and working to meet these standards. We deserve to succeed.

We value each other


We create a working environment in which cultural diversity and employees' individual differences are respected. Our targets are to devise new opportunities by using the diversity of our brands, markets and perspectives. We listen to and respect every opinion; we are analytical and make every effort to understand the other person's viewpoint.