A Professional Team and Excellent Performance

As Mey family, we believe that the performance of our company goes beyond financial data and figures and prepare the trainings that will benefit our teammates, according to their personal development plans.

We believe that our long-term relations with our consumers and business partners depend upon the best service provided to them, product ranges, our quality and qualified workforce that always improves themselves. We create this synergy with our teammates that demonstrate outstanding performance and support professional and personal success of each player of the team with training programs managed by a professional team.

Our purpose is to provide trainings for personal and professional goals of our employees by maintaining a balance between personal development and professional life of them.

Common Language Common Goal

As Mey employees, we are aware of our deep-rooted inheritance. In every field we do our business, we walk for the same goal, use the same way of doing business and adopt teamwork that shares the same dreams as our common goal.

Strategies and Completion of Target Deployment Processes

We believe that it is essential for our corporate success that all business units pursue the common targets of the Company. It is important for us that our teams employed at different areas at different departments embrace the same passion and understanding. We ensure that our strategies to spread our target are adopted by all.

Executive Development Academy

Mey "Executive Development Program" program is a program to create a common management style. Participants integrate the management concept of Mey family and its values into daily work flows under the scope of various trainings, workshops and learning by experience sessions.

"We Shape Our Future Together Program"

With "Common Language Common Goal 2010: We Shape Our Future Together Program", we tried to dream how Mey will look like 10 years later and to collect all these dreams in the same picture. With this and similar projects, we, as Mey family, hear the suggestions, comments and experiences of our colleagues at each level and shape the future all together.

Program for Enhancement of our Values 2014

We initiate a new program to live the values of the company every day, everywhere. To ensure that our values are internalized, we meet with all our employees and share model practices. We, as Mey, guide each other so that our values are implemented in all our business practices.