From the Aztecs to the Present

Don Julio is our international brand in Tequila category within Diageo that we distribute in our country. It is known that Tequila was first made from the juice of agave plant by the Aztecs 2000 years ago. It is derived by the distillation of Agave Tequiliana, which is a type of Agave plant that is a juicy fruit. It has a fruity and sharp taste. If tequila, a drink whose taste intensifies as long as it is aged, is kept in metal or glass tank which makes tequila colorless, it is called Blanco (silver). Tequila can be also made by keeping it in oak barrels as in whiskey production. This method adds other flavors (caramel, vanilla, pepper etc. as per the type of barrel) to tequila and gives golden color. ​​​