Social Responsibility

Mey conducts its business as a company that is aware that success is not only dependent upon marketing, sales and financial data. While valuing the environment in which we live and the lives we touch, we are respectful of the values of our society. In addition to our commitment to current legislation, we are also committed to exercising our own self-regulatory system, which we have pioneered and developed. All of our efforts in every aspect of our work constitute the outline of our concept of being a sustainable and responsible corporation.

As a company that operates in the alcoholic drinks market, we maintain an equidistant stance from all of our stakeholders, continuing to do our part to fulfill our responsibilities and perform our business in the best way possible. We support every kind of regulation that encourages the consumers who prefer our brands to make responsible choices. We are always prepared to contribute to the efforts of government and non-governmental organizations in our sector in their formulation of legislation.