Responsible Marketing

Informing Consumers


At Mey, our goal is to reach the highest standards within the framework of our idea of responsible marketing and we do this by providing the public with the necessary information to ensure that adult consumers approach our brands responsibly.

As we continue with our research, development and marketing activities for our brands, we act in accordance with the Diageo Marketing Code that we have adopted.

In addition to our self-regulatory rules and regulations in our internal system, we also act in accordance with the regulations set down in our sector.

We have a hotline (+90 212 444 46 39) that serves consumers wishing to get information regarding ingredients of our products. At the same time, Mey has also adopted the Diageo Alcoholic Drinks Disclosure Policy for the benefit of consumers.

In line with legal regulations, Mey provides alcohol content on product labels along with information needed for responsible consumption. Our logo, "Drink with pleasure and in moderation" is visible on all of the brands we produce. The website includes nutritional statements for our international brands.