Our Exports

Export of Rakı

Since the foundation of Mey, the export of rakı has taken an important place among the company’s main strategies. While export was limited to twenty countries in 2004, today rakı is exported to more than forty countries, including Germany, USA, UK, Northern Cyprus, Iraq, Benelux, Switzerland, Greece, France, the Turkic Republics, and the countries of Eastern European countries.

In 2004, Mey's international sales volume was 1.2 million litres. Over the last four years however, the focus on international marketing and operations in many European cities has led to a fourfold increase in international sales, with a volume of 5 million litres in 2014. Our goal is to double Mey's international sales volume to double-digit levels over the next five years, and we are proud to say that this exported rakı is produced from 100% local input.

Our brand Yeni Rakı holds an important position among anise flavoured spirits not only in Turkey, but in the world as well. According to Impact Databank 2012, one of the most important reports in the international sector, Yeni Rakı was the leader brand among anise flavoured spirits market in terms of retail value, and the 13th most valuable spirit brand on the global market.

With Diageo's expertise and experience in international exports, Mey, along with Yeni Rakı, is showing impressive growth and increased distribution in foreign markets. ​