From the noble grapes of Anatolia

The wide variety of wine category offers diversity under the brands , Kayra Imperial, Kayra Versus, Kayra Vintage, Kayra Buzbağ Rezerv, Kayra Cameo, Kayra Madre, Terra, Leona, Buzbağ, Tılsım and also wines imported from different regions of the world; Echo Falls, Hardys VR, Hardys Nottage Hill, Nobilo, Ruffino, Adam, Terres de Berne, Antares and Château Bel Air, Château Louvie, Zédé de Labegorce.

It is well known today that wine production was born in Eastern Anatolia. Our vision on wine production is based on this philosophy : This territory has produced the first wine of the world, why should it not give the very best of it? Mey has set out with a vision that aims to reveal the true potential of the wine of this territory and to reinstate to wine its fully deserved place on this land where it was first born before spreading out to the world and to make the world feel and taste the strength of this territory once again. Our wines produced with this vision won various international awards. Through the investements, innovations, researchs and effort we put forward, we aim to create an international brand that would reflect all our experience and passion improve our past production strength and take us into the future. We keep producing high-quality local and international grapes in our own vineyards in Şarköy, Thrace and Elazığ, South Eastern Anatolia, where we planted the first grape in 2005 and set our vineyards by making major investments not only for the company but also for the future of the country. And we aim to present an exceptional experience to the winelovers that we learn from the nature through our vineyards.

We continue to work for producing perfect wines, reach wineglasses from the soil, by means of our own vineyards that teaches us to listen the vineyard and speak at the same language with the nature. It is also made in our own vineyards. ​​