Alcohol Consumption

Consumption of Alcoholic Beverages

We are aware that while alcohol drinks can be a part of many people's celebrations in their daily life or at occasional moments when these drinks are consumed responsibly, the irresponsible consumption of alcohol creates problems and causes consumers to harm themselves and others. As a company that recognizes that such problems can have a negative effect on responsible consumers of alcoholic drinks, the community, and on the companies that produce alcoholic drinks, we are doing our part, in cooperation with other governmental and non-governmental organizations, to resolve these issues.

At Mey, we show great care and sensitivity in making sure that our brands are sold only to adults older than 18. We support programs, applications and policies that strive to eradicate the problems that arise with excessive alcohol consumption, including drinking and driving, allowing underaged individuals to drink, and preventing overdoses of alcoholic drinks. We encourage our consumers to make responsible decisions about whether to consume or not to consume alcoholic drinks and we expect the same awareness of responsibility from our employees working under the Diageo roof, not only in Turkey but everywhere in the world.

In all of the countries in which the corporation is active, we offer our employees a training course that has been dubbed DRINKiQ, in which we invite each of our employees to be ambassadors of responsible consumption.

We present not only our employees but also our consumers with the information they need to make responsible choices about drinking alcoholic drinks. Our websites is an online platform that was launched to make our efforts in this context known. was established in 2008. Together with 18 national websites serving the public in 8 languages, this platform designed to increase awareness about the problems that stem from the excessive use of alcohol and to reduce negative experiences by sharing information. The website includes nutritional information and information on allergies and alcohol content for all the brands that are wholly owned by Diageo.

Mey and Diageo are focused on three areas in which they can make an impact:

  1. Establishing high standards among companies and the sector as a whole in an effort to develop responsible marketing concepts and providing customers and business partners in all fields with useful information about our brands.
  2. Working with government organizations and other enterprises to create changes in attitudes and behavior in order to ensure the applicability of initiatives to increase awareness, and adopting a "zero tolerance" approach to reduce problems created by excessive alcohol consumption.
  3. Supporting effective and goal-oriented legislation on alcohol consumption based on real data and encouraging stakeholder dialogues on regional and national platforms.

To get more information on all of these matters, please visit the website to review the 2013 Diageo Sustainability & Responsibility Report.