Excessive alcohol consumption is a complex issue with physiological, psychological, social and cultural dimensions that can cause individuals to experience adverse consequences. A comprehensive and long-term approach is needed to change attitudes and behavior in the case of excessive alcohol consumption.

We believe that such a change can be made possible with the cooperation of all of the parties involved, that is, when the producers of alcoholic beverages, vendors, governments, non-governmental organizations, security authorities or traffic departments and their public health services, the community, educators, parents and individuals all rally around a common cause.

Diageo runs or supports more than 200 programs in more than 40 markets that enlist such a cooperative effort. Our goal at Mey is to launch and implement or support programs that have the greatest potential to make an impact on education (responsible presentation and consumption), legislation (legal age for purchasing, legislation on drinking and driving that is based on real data), and on awareness or practices (age verification). Please visit DRINKİQ.com for more information.

Localization of the DRINKİQ.com website in the Turkish language is ongoing.

We would like to make it known that we are an active member of the international initiative, "Global Consortium to Fight Alcohol Abuse," which was established through the efforts of the senior management of Diageo and other leading international alcoholic drink producers. This aim of this program is to make a significant contribution, particularly in medium and low-income countries, to fighting against the problems of alcohol abuse. For more information, please visit www.global-actions.org.​​​​​​